Status Update for Backlogged Pardon Applications
(Received by the PBC between July 2010 and Feb. 22, 2012)

Who is affected by the backlog?

The backlog applies to applications submitted to the Parole Board of Canada between July 2010 and February 22nd 2012.

Applications submitted on or after February 23rd, 2012, are not part of the backlog.

What is the current status of backlogged applications?

All applications in the backlog have been screened for eligibility. This means that all applications in the current backlog have been accepted as eligible for a pardon and are ready to proceed to the enquiry stage of the application process.

The PBC is now processing backlogged pardon applications according to the date they were received.

Which backlogged applications are currently being processed?

The PBC is currently processing the following backlogged applications:  

Type of offence Applications being processed at this time
summary Accepted in December 2011
indictable Accepted in December 2010

How will I know that my backlogged application has moved to the enquiry stage? Will I be notified when it does?

Once the PBC is ready to begin the enquiry stage for your application, a notice will be sent to you to inform you.

Once my backlog application moves to the enquiry stage, how long will it take for a decision to be made in my case?

The amount of time it will take to make enquiries and render a decision on a backlogged pardon application depends on many variables, including the complexity of the file, whether it is for a summary or indictable offence, the number of convictions, the nature of the offence(s), and whether there is a proposal to deny.

The PBC expects that for most of these files, it will take about 3 months* to complete them once the enquiry stage begins, if there is no proposal to deny.

Where a file involves an offence of a sexual nature and/or where there is a proposal to deny, the time required to complete a file may take 12 months or more*.

*These timelines are estimates only, and the PBC cannot guarantee that it will be able to meet these timelines.