Welcome to the Parole Board of Canada

The Parole Board of Canada (PBC), as part of the criminal justice system, makes independent, quality conditional release and record suspension decisions and clemency recommendations. The Board contributes to the protection of society by facilitating as appropriate, the timely reintegration of offenders as law-abiding citizens.

Contributing to Public Safety Virtual Hearing Fact Sheets
The Facts About Parole…
What is parole?
Types of parole
How are parole decisions made?
What information is considered?
Public safety is the primary consideration in all conditional release decisions.
Conditions of Release
Standard Conditions
Common Myths about Parole
Common Myths about Parole
Common Myths about Parole
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Did you know...

Members of the public may attend Parole Board hearings as observers. This contributes to greater public understanding of conditional release decision-making, and promotes openness and accountability in the Board’s operations.